Classic TV and Spring Break

Tonight’s the night… for classic television! Well, every night usually is, but tonight is technically the second night of my spring break.

Spring break-how I’ve been waiting for you! Many of my colleagues will be grading, or traveling, but I am planning to just relax and watch the world drift by. Oh I have laundry to do, and writing to work on, but I’m focusing at least part of my week on me-on self care.

Self care is so important… and too often neglected in this fast paced world of ours. Too often we forget that mental care is as important as physical care. I’m going to read some books that have been gathering dust on my shelves, and I’m going to do a couple of face masks, watch some classic movies, cuddle with my kitty cat, cook… oh I’m gonna have a ball!

And most importantly, I’m going to start fleshing out some new ideas for stories I’ve got simmering in the ol noggin.

Stay tuned!


We Are The People

We Are The People

See it every day

Evil of the world

Heartbreak, questions

Asking why

How could this happen

Children die, no reason

Other than hate

Those who try

To make a change

Reviled, called names

Actions justified

By those in charge

Who believe

They rule our fate

We have the power

Power to change course

Heal hearts and souls

Shattering daily

Crushed and broken

Right the wrongs

Dig in and fight

We are the people

And we will not

Let evil win.




Change is good I think…no one wants to be stagnant their whole lives. It’s good to think outside the box and look at things from a different perspective. Sometimes that can help you out if you’re stuck on a thought process.

No lie, change can be painful, especially if it comes about as a result of being forced to face some unpleasant truths about yourself or someone close to you.

But that’s life, sometimes. To grow and change isn’t always easy. But if you look at it as an opportunity and take full advantage of that opportunity, the possibilities become endless and wondrous.

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Links to my work

These are some things I’ve had published in the last year-I hope you enjoy!

Random Musings

Interesting writing prompt I had this evening:

It isn’t fair, but…that’s life. Life isn’t always fair. I’ve always heard it said that man plans and God laughs. I have seen that in my own life for sure. I had all these grand plans once upon a time-that I would stay at Walmart and be a full time manager of the photo lab… well I’m much happier where I am. God saw fit to give me a way out of a job I realize now I had settled for, one I thought I was stuck in with no way out, and He gave me my dream job that I wasn’t even for sure I wanted let alone deserved. I am blessed.

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Defining Courage

Courage means standing up for what you believe in, even if everyone around you tells you you are crazy. Stand up for what you believe in even if all your friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. tell you you are wrong because that is not the way you were raised, the way they see things… you are responsible for YOU-no one else can claim your thoughts. You allow in what you want. So do your best to know what you want and believe-do not just parrot the beliefs of those around you. Expand your own mind and never be afraid to step outside the box. The day we stop trusting our own instincts and merely mimic others ideas, we lose.
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