This is a collection of thoughts from some friends on a FB thread and I thought they’d go well together.

It didn’t come out too bad šŸ™‚


(By Ryan Guth, Paul Mego, Michael Downer, John Panzer, Elizabeth Guth, compiled by Amanda Pugh)
Life is full of sad facts. And sacks. Sad sacks and facts. And faxes. And taxes.

No, I haven’t been drinking.

And foxes and poxes

For some reason ‘fox’ and ‘pox’ seemed to fit the feeling I got.

And yes, I seem kind of strange to me.

Fits perfectly. I was hoping somebody would play along.

But is the combination of foxes and poxes better or worse than a pox of foxes?

A pox on your foxes!

And sockses.

Hmmm… I think I prefer the lack of logic.

Back to x and o, though – if ‘oxen’ is the plural of ‘ox,’

what’s the plural of ‘paradox’?

alt facts, saxes, and trump alt facts’s.

Alt-right all-white all right.

Maybe we’ve been a tad lax

with trump’s alt facts

and the all white alt-right’s self-perception of the bright knight.

Perhaps we need action more than words to fight.

What the hell are you up to while I’m out of the house?