Broken Hearts

Broken hearts- I think that everyone in their lifetime experiences one in some form or another.

They hurt-that’s a fact and no denying it.

You think that you’ll never be able to draw another breath without feeling the pain.

But I can  tell you- it will get better.

I’ve been telling myself that a lot lately, as I’ve been going through my own heartbreak.

All I can tell you is this-take time for yourself.  Be nice to yourself-read a book you like, even if its one you’ve read a hundred times.  Buy yourself a nice cup of your preferred beverage.  Get the good chocolate at the store.  Sleep in and cry if you need to (but not too long, because anyone worth your tears won’t make you cry.) Give yourself a good facial.  Soak in the bath with the expensive stuff while listening to the spa channel on Pandora Radio. Get the upsize fries.  Take a walk by the lake and feed the ducks.  Look at the stars.

Take as much time as you need to get yourself back, because too often we lose sight of our own hopes and dreams and desires in chasing after someone who fits none of them-possibly through no fault of theirs, but they still aren’t good for us.

It will take some time, moving on never happens overnight

But it will happen.


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