Writing Challenge Day 6

Five ways to win my heart…

Well, as I am not a high maintenance woman, you might think this would be pretty easy to write. But it was actually the opposite.

For a start, first thing you can do to win my heart is give me an intelligent conversation. And don’t be pretentious about it either. Engage my brain, my heart gets at least interested.

Second, be kind to those around you. Be kind to animals. Pet the kittens at PetSmart occasionally. Say hi to the neighbor who walks her dogs on your street, maybe even pet them once in a while (the dogs, not the neighbor). Volunteer. Show an interest in your fellow human beings. Be nice to people who wait on you at stores and restaurants.

Third, know how to cook something that doesn’t just involve opening a can or dialing a delivery number. It doesn’t have to be fancy either-I’m a sucker for a good burger or steak.

Fourth, be just a little self sufficient. It’s nice to know that if the grid were to go down, you stand a snowball’s chance in hell of actually surviving. Know how to survive without the electronics our society has become far too dependent on.

Fifth, be thirsty for knowledge. As a friend of mine once said “Let me never be content with my unending ignorance of the world and its riches.” Never stop wanting to learn, whether it be a new skill, a new language, or a new art form.

See? I don’t want much at all 🙂


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