Waiting for Snow

So there’s a winter storm watch in my area for this weekend… I imagine the adults are having vision s of milk and bread runs flowing through their heads, and every child under 18 is praying for a snow day (which we don’t get often). The college professors (we have a branch of a community college in my town, and the main campus is less than 45 minutes away) are thinking “crap, here we go again” because our spring semester starts next week and two years ago we lost a couple of days at the beginning of the semester due to weather. (And yes, it is frustrating to lose days on any academic level, but we do want our students to be safe first. We’re not heartless.)

Most people who aren’t from around here wonder what the big deal is-it’s just a little snow, right? Well when you aren’t used to it it IS a big deal. There aren’t a lot of Southern children used to making snowmen. We don’t often get to make that rare Southern delicacy known as “snow-cream”, so it’s not only a treat for us, it’s a chance to share a childhood tradition with the younger ones in our families. I myself don’t really fully get the whole bread and milk thing, but it’s the comfort of knowing you have the most basic elements available to feed yourself and anyone else in your home should the need arise that makes us do it, I suppose. Southerners also often get made fun of for our lack of driving ability in the white stuff, but I think we look on it as a challenge. We don’t back down from those easily.

So snow in the forecast does often bring out the crazy in us, and when you see examples of this, please try to understand.

And if it does snow, well…

Snowball fight starts as soon as the yard onions are covered.

Y’all come join us!


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