This is a collection of thoughts from some friends on a FB thread and I thought they’d go well together.  

It didn’t come out too bad 🙂


(By Ryan Guth, Paul Mego, Michael Downer, John Panzer, Elizabeth Guth, compiled by Amanda Pugh)
Life is full of sad facts. And sacks. Sad sacks and facts. And faxes. And taxes. 

No, I haven’t been drinking.

And foxes and poxes

For some reason ‘fox’ and ‘pox’ seemed to fit the feeling I got. 

And yes, I seem kind of strange to me.

Fits perfectly. I was hoping somebody would play along.

But is the combination of foxes and poxes better or worse than a pox of foxes?

A pox on your foxes!

And sockses.

Hmmm… I think I prefer the lack of logic.

Back to x and o, though – if ‘oxen’ is the plural of ‘ox,’ 

what’s the plural of ‘paradox’? 

alt facts, saxes, and trump alt facts’s.

Alt-right all-white all right.

Maybe we’ve been a tad lax 

with trump’s alt facts

and the all white alt-right’s self-perception of the bright knight. 

Perhaps we need action more than words to fight.

What the hell are you up to while I’m out of the house?



Learning is a part of life.  Whether it be a new skill, a new job, or something as complex as learning to live with disappointment when something doesn’t go the way you’d hoped, life itself is a learning process.

Take these experiences for what they are-pieces of a tapestry that weave the fabric of your life, as cliched as that sounds.  They are part of you-a part of the word count of your story, if you choose to use that phrase.  Embrace them.


Just joined a group called the Rough Writers club and they have a writing challenge going on this month.  You write every day even if it’s just for five minutes and post your word counts on the blog.  Sounds like fun and a good way to pull myself out of this funkiness I’ve been in lately.

Oh FYI I have a new niece.  Her name is Isabella and she’s the most beautiful baby ever.  And auntie’s not a bit prejudiced at all 🙂

Class is going well.  I actually picked up a summer session which is great.  I have some creative students in that class .

Ahh life…

We’re going to have pizza tonight!!! Which is good, not only because I’m hungry but because I’ve been in kind of a blue funk today.  Guess it’s because of the weather, but it could be because humanity as a whole is getting crazier than chicken scratching in a barnyard.

I mean, shooting up a town because of some random reason?  People getting pissed because you don’t support their candidate just because of their gender or religious beliefs?  It’s nuts.

Abstinence Only Sex Ed!

So the POTUS eliminated funding for abstinence only sex ed.  I’m waiting for the fundies to awaken from their fainting spells by aid of smelling salts and lace hankies waved in their faces to decry this latest move as proof Satan is alive and well on Planet Earth.

Bull.  Yeah Satan may be on Earth (just look at my ex) but the proof is certainly not from this.  Maybe from the price of Sonic cheeseburgers but not this.

Abstinence only programs do not work.  Just look at Bristol Palin.  Two kids, no ring, and she still advocates for these programs?  How’s that working out for you sweetheart? 

These programs are biased towards making the girls feel like the burden of chastity is all on them.  Boys rarely are encouraged to be chaste on the same level as girls.  Yes women should treat themselves as precious gifts, but comparing a non virgin to a dirty torn tie while merely telling boys not to make mistakes gives a fear factor to sex for the girls like no one has ever seen.

(And before I get gutted, let me say that yes I have seen purity programs in my youth, although not to the extreme)

If I had a child, I’d want them to know the medical and psychological facts behind sex.  Going bare bones medical with examples- most of the time a kid picturing their parents making the beast with two backs is enough to scare them into a convent.

Tell them about the good, the bad and the ugly.  Factual information is the best way.
#abstinence #POTUS #sexed

Oh good grief

Writing is a great way to get your frustrations out.  So let’s try this again…

Significant other? Not so significant.  Actually turned out to be kind of a douchebag.  I guess leopards really don’t change their spots.

Job? Well I am grateful for it, but not so grateful for the stress and headaches it is causing me.

I’m still alive, and that’s always a good thing.

Day off

Feeling much better today.  Been having some bad back problems this week- not sure if I’ve gotten a pinched nerve or strained something, but it’s been major league uncomfortable.  

On a good note in my personal life, things are still going well with the significant other.  He makes me happier than I’ve been in  a very long time- and for that I’m eternally grateful and thankful.  😀😀😀😀😀


Finally got a day off. So much has happened it seems like… I’m actually talking to someone, well I guess we still are haven’t heard from him in a couple of days… Work has been stressful- to the point I genuinely feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. And that feeling suuuuuuuuuuucks.

Le sigh

I really should blog more often.  But sometimes life gets too much to deal with and all I want to do is curl up with my teddy bear.  Yeah, even at almost 42 a teddy bear can be a girl’s best friend.