The world today

I’ve been thinking a lot about the various crises in the world today, such as the situation in Ukraine (why on earth does Putin have such a hard line attitude towards Ukraine?) and ISIL in Iraq and Syria.
Mostly I feel frustrated because I see the hurt and the pain being caused over idiotic (at least to me) reasons. The majority of people affected are innocent civilians who just want to live their lives. A handful of radicals are trying to bring the whole country under their thumb. And they don’t have the freedom to express their displeasure about the situation as we in America do when our lawmakers act like childish idiots over stupid stuff.
And now another journalist has died and another is being threatened. I feel like dropping a bomb on them myself, but of course I don’t have access to that kind of firepower:)
So what do I do instead? I pray, naturally, I inform myself about the situation from multiple sources, I donate when I can to charitable organizations that aid in humanitarian relief, and most of all I give thanks on a daily basis that I live in a country in which I can express my opinions without fear.